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Written by Jut-Cetina   
Tuesday, 02 November 2004


January (Siječanj):

-Cutting of the wood -Transportation of the wood on donkeys -Cutting and chopping of the wood -Choosing the wood handles for various tools and shaping them (hoe, mattock, axe etc.) -Clearing of the meadows -Clearing of paths -Clearing of the land for cultivation of vineyards and fruit orchards

February (Veljača):

-Vine pruning -Rustle gathering -Taking the manure out of the stables -Clearing of the land for new vines -Digging the holes for olive trees -Pruning of fruit trees, olive trees, etc. -Goats and sheep are having their young -Preparing the soil for planting

March (Ožujak):

-Clearing of the land and planting of potatoes -Onion planting -Vine manuring -Olive tree pruning -Clearing of pasture grounds -Clearing of the ground beneath the drywalls -Planting of the new vines -Planting of fruit trees

April (Travanj):

-Plowing of the vine -Preparation of the land for vegetables -Planting of the seed (carrots, lettuce, beets, peas) -Planting of the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers -Sheep shearing

May (Svibanj):

-Mowing of the grass -Plowing of the soil around the vine (kopanje na stogove) -Sprinkling of the vine with flowers of sulphur -Plowing of the potato fields -Cutting of the bush for lambs -Inoculation of the vine and fruit trees (na pup) -Bottling of the wine

June (Lipanj):

-Cherry picking -Pruning of the vine -Sprinkling of the vine with sulphur flowers, -Plowing of the soil around the vine (raskopavanje) -Binding of the vine -Gardening -Planting of the seedlings, savoy cabbage and borecole

July (Srpanj):

-extraction of potatoes -extraction and binding of onion and garlic into braids when they dry off -sprinkling of vine with the flower of sulphur -planting of beets, carrots and Swiss chard - plowing of the soil around the vine (šuškanje) -plowing of the soil around the olive tree - repair the drywalls (krpljenje rivina) -gardening and garden keeping - inoculation of the fruit trees and vines (na plenku)

August (Kolovoz):

-vegetable produce, garden maintenance -preparation of soil and planting of savoy cabbage and borecole -picking and drying of figs -cutting of deciduous trees, gathering of green leaves for the winter - plowing of the meadows (for the next season planting)

September (Rujan):

-gathering and drying of figs -preparation of food provisions for winter, food preservation -preparation of the wine cellar for grape harvest -autumn plowing of soil around the fruit trees and olive trees -pruning of fruit trees and olive trees -beginning of grape harvest

October (Listopad):

-grape harvest -various work in wine preparation in the wine cellar -preparation of wood for winter -digging holes for olive trees -plucking of the fig leaves -pickling of savoy cabbage

November (Studeni):

-harvest of olive trees -the making of brandy -first re-bottling of wine and testing of young wine -planting of garlic and broad bean

December (Prosinac):

-pig butchering season -taking care of pig meat, making of sausages, prosciutto salting -drying of meat -clearing of village paths -wood cutting -and last but not least; plenty of holiday time for enjoying homemade sausages in the smokehouse


Winter: Zima:

-bean-and-pasta soup with dry pig meat -sauerkraut with dry pig meat -dry pig meat -borecole -stuffed cabbage rolls -JOTA, sauerkraut and broad beans together -milk and polenta -polenta with grits -dry mutton and goat ham -sauerkraut garnished with olive oil and garlic -lentils with olive oil -potatoes baked in rest of the open fire and garnished with olive oil


dried figs, dried grapes, walnuts, almonds,

Spring: Proljeće:

-green beans with fennel -young haricot beans -Swiss chard with olive oil with fresh eggs -snails with scallion and eggs -asparagus and black bryony with eggs -greenweed and groundsel salad -local specialty soparnik made with Swiss chard, olive oil and garlic -roast lamb, lamb with young onion -cottage cheese with eggs -salad with hard boiled eggs


plums, cherries, strawberries, zrdelije

Summer: Ljeto:

-Tomato sauce -pasta with tomato sauce -lamb with peas -various salads, tomato, cucumber, peppers, lettuce etc. -pasta with potatoes, simply cooked pasta with no sauces -various soups with vegetables -potato salad -green bean salad -boiled Swiss chard and garnished with olive oil -boiled savoy cabbage and garnished with olive oil -meat and young potatoes made under a baking lid


cherries, sour cherries, blackberries, early season fruit, peaches, figs; mletkinja and petrovača watermelon, pears, mulberries

Fall: Jesen:

Boiled wether mutton -wether mutton on grill, local specialty, na spicu -various sort of cabbage, borecole, savoy cabbage, sprouting broccoli -boiled home-grown chicken -boiled meat with soup -various roast made in the oven or under a baking lid -gulash with potatoes -risotto -stuffed peppers


fig, grapes, quince, sorb-apples, apples, mandarines, koprnja

Težak usually take dry foods when going to the fields for a whole day's work (regardless of the season).

Sausages, dried ham, bacon, visme, beef jerky, prosciutto, cheese (from oil or cottage cheese), salted sardines, hard boiled eggs,

salads eaten with dry foods:

onion (young or pickled), young onion, garlic, scallions, pickled peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives


If you want to be a Težak, work in the farm, come!!


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